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Patents, trademarks, copyrights

Friedman & Friedman specialize in protecting the intellectual property rights of small- to medium-sized companies and individual inventors, particularly in the fields of technology, electronics, chemistry, product design, incinerator systems, fabric technology, agriculture, and bottle prep and cleaning. To review the broad range of patent applications they’ve successfully handled, click here.

Arbitration and mediation

Friedman & Friedman handle a variety of mandatory arbitrations ranging from contract disputes to personal injury cases involving up to $30,000 before the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill. Eugene Friedman also has served as an instructor for that court’s Mandatory Arbitration Program.

Commercial Litigation

Friedman & Friedman represent plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation pertaining to contracts and bankruptcy, as well as intellectual property. They also represent employers before the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the wage claims division of the Illinois Department of Labor.

Unfair competition

Friedman & Friedman can stop illegally unjust or deceptive practices that might harm your business, such as trademark infringement and misappropriation, as well as recover damages to mitigate any harm those practices caused.

Trade secrets

Friedman & Friedman can help you protect vital trade secrets and enforce your rights if those secrets are stolen or improperly revealed.

Expert witness

The Friedmans are certified as expert witnesses in intellectual property cases before the state courts of Illinois and Texas and the federal court in Illinois.